About Us


passion never wears out

Our vision is to represent, strengthen, support and grow Tasmania’s community Landcare movement to improve the health of our natural and working landscapes.  

Landcare Tasmania

The Association was founded in 1994 as the state peak membership body for community Landcare. We’re governed by passionate volunteer landcarers from around Tasmania who have dirt under their fingernails and generosity in their hearts. 

Our staff team is small, committed and extremely hard working – and inspired by the effort from the community we work with, and for. We provide direct support to more than 200 care groups and landcaring landowners from across the state through a variety of programsPartnerships are paramount and we thank various funding bodies and sponsors.

Importantly Landcare Tasmania also provides an independent, representative voice for community Landcare in the state - and nationally too as a member of the National Landcare Network. 


  • Promote community Landcare
  • Connect people and organisations with an interest in Landcare
  • Support landcarers with administration, information and funding
  • Represent community Landcare as an advocacy body

Our meetings

The Landcare Tasmania General Committee meets quarterly around the state and the Executive meets monthly at our Hobart office on the other months.  Come along to a meeting near you or nominate for a Committee position.

Our values

  • Recognise and encourage people’s connection to the land
  • Recognise the goodwill of volunteers and supporters, and appreciate their commitment to Landcare
  • Be an enduring, proactive, vision-oriented and relevant organisation
  • Communicate well and promote the Landcare movement
  • Be a trusted and accessible source of information
  • Support and encourage community landcarers
  • Act with integrity, honesty and respect
  • Be an open and inclusive organisation that fosters cooperation
  • Be non-partisan in representing the views of community landcarers
  • Ensure that the governance of the organisation follows due process and is guided by the views of our membership

Our Constitution

Hammering in tree guard stakes

The Constitution sets the foundations for Landcare Tasmania as an organisation.
A thorough review of the Constitution was undertaken during 2012 – 2013, and a number of changes were made to ensure robust governance and a structure that best represents members’ interests.

The new and improved Constitution was approved in September 2013.

Event Focus

Where the Slime Mould Creeps

"Where the Slime Mould Creeps - the fascinating world of Myxomycetes"

 In 2010 Tasmanian naturalist and author Sarah Lloyd started exploring the little-known world of myxomycetes (also known as plasmodial or acellular slime moulds) in the wet eucalypt forest that surrounds her home at Birralee in Northern Tasmania.

Myxomycetes are unlike any other organisms. They have two animal-like stages that move about and feed, followed by a spore-bearing stage of exquisite beauty.

Sarah will talk about her work and show photographs of some common, rare and ‘new’ species (one of which has been named in her honour) and the various stages in the lives of these truly remarkable organisms.

Presented by the Central North Field Naturalists Inc. 

All welcome - please join us for light refreshments at 4 pm.


Image courtesy of Sarah Lloyd