Grant Opportunities

Throughout the year a variety of organisations provide grants for carrying out Landcare work. Below we have compiled a list of grants that may suit your needs. Most of the grants are not delivered through Landcare Tasmania so you will need to get in contact with the organisation hosting the grant round. We are proud to offer our annual Tasmanian Landcare Fund for on ground works and the Landcare Assistance Program to support group operational capacity.

Please CONTACT US if you know of grant opportunities we have not listed.

Landcare Tasmania Grant Opportunities 

Tasmanian Landcare Fund Round 21 Closes 5 Dec 5:00pm

Round 21 of the Tasmanian Landcare Fund will open in October 2017. The Round will mark a significant milestone in the history of the TLF, passing $0.5M in funds distributed directly to address on ground Landcare needs - a significant legacy of the foresight and commitment of the late John Roberts. The TLF is Landcare Tasmania's Deductible Gift Recipient fund, meaning that donors can claim a tax deduction on their contributions. Donations to the TLF are encouraged and always welcome - CLICK HERE for further information.


Other Grant Opportunities 

 Smart Farming Partnerships Close 7 Dec 2:00pm

Smart Farming Partnerships is an open competitive grant opportunity that supports four to five-year projects to develop, trial and implement new and innovative tools and farm practices. Two rounds of funding ($30 million each) are expected: the initial round in 2017-18 followed by a second call for applications in late 2018-19.

Applications are invited for grants, the value of which range from a minimum of $250 000 to a maximum of $4 million (GST exclusive). Under this grant round the Australian Government is seeking applications for projects that will be completed by 30 April 2022. Grants will be available for experienced and skilled organisations to undertake projects to develop, trial and implement new and innovative tools that support uptake of sustainable agriculture practices across our agricultural, fishing, aquaculture and farm forestry industries. These projects will allow new ideas and technologies to be shared and tested across industries and regions, which will subsequently benefit the nation.

National Landcare Program - Smart Farms Small Grants Close 7 Dec 2:00pm

There are pressures on Australia’s natural resources that can limit the viability and productivity of Australia’s farming, fishery, aquaculture and forestry industries. These industries are looking to trial and implement new and innovative technologies and tools which will reduce these pressures while increasing their productivity and profitability.

In response to these needs the Australian Government established the Smart Farms Small Grants program under the Smart Farms initiative, an agriculture component of the National Landcare Program (NLP).

Grants will be available to support local on-ground projects across Australia that increase the knowledge and capacity of farmers and fishers and facilitate the adoption of tools, technologies and improved land management practices to effectively, sustainably and productively manage Australia’s natural resources and adapt to significant changes in climate, weather and markets.

NRM North grant opportunities

On-ground works funding round - OPEN

Expressions of interest  are now open for funding for on ground works in target areas of the NRM North region. Activities may be on private or public land. Funding for approximately 50% of project costs is available, including material and implementation. Landholder contributions may be cash or in-kind.

Closing date not specified but work must be completed by May 2018


NRM South Grant Opportunities

Naturally Inspired Bite sized grant - OPEN 

Open all year around $500 available to community groups, schools and NGOs.