Working to improve our oldest national park

The aim of the Friends of Mount Field is to assist with maintaining the environment and recreational facilities in the park.

It provides opportunity for volunteers to work on projects and gain a sense of achievement and involvement in projects that have long term environmental and community benefit. This includes maintenance of selected walking tracks, care and repair of huts and tackling weed infestations. 

The areas worked  are predominantly those used by bushwalkers, such as the Field East and Tarn Shelf tracks, Lakes Nicholls and Fenton huts and the Rodway Shelter. 

Working bees are usually held one day a month usually on the third Saturday of the month, but other events are held on an ad hoc basis.

Primary Contact:

Name: Peter Franklin
Home phone: (03) 6228 4889
Mobile phone: 0427 284 889

Upcoming events

Mount Field East Track Maintenance
Saturday, October 07, 2017 at 09:00 PM through October 08, 2017
Mount Field National Park in National Park, Australia

The work location will depend on weather and if snow is present.

On the Field East track some maintenance is required.

Some more rock fill on plateau prior to  saddle is needed as there are a few areas starting to degrade.

There is a minor bush trimming there as well.

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