Riversdale Farm

We are based at Riversdale Farm on the East Coast between Swansea and Cranbrook. The land concerned has three rivers as boundaries i.e. The Swan, Wye and Bluemans Creek.

The aim of the group is to rehabilitate the landscape back to its natural state. The farm has been run as a sheep growing and grazing properly for a number of generations. It has suffered from over grazing and erosion.

There has been large outbreaks of English gorse in a number of areas. The banks of the Swan and Wye Rivers are infested by it. There is about 70Ha of gorse on the 320Ha property.

We aim to remove all the gorse. We are using an innovative approach to its removal that does not require spraying. We have removed about 10Ha with this process to great effect.

We also aim to revegetate the natural waterways and others areas on the property, to aid water retention and flow.

Primary Contact:

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Name: Riversdale Farm
Mobile phone: 0418105617
Email: [email protected]