Tamar NRM 'Catch it in the Catchment' Clean up


This is a community clean up of the Tamar Estuary Catchment. 

'Catch it in the Catchment' invites community groups, sporting groups, businesses, schools, sports clubs and other to participate in the biggest Tamar Estuary clean up.
80% of all marine plastics come from the land, so we believe we can make a positive of this alarming statistic by 'Catching" the litter from our streets, gutters, parks built up and rural areas before it begins its journey to the sea!
Join in this wonderful community event, celebrate our beautiful Tamar Estuary and be part of the solution.

Organise a group and a coordinator from your local community - If you are on your own you can be linked with a local group.

Contact the organisers to register or visit their facebook and check out the event listing

November 10, 2019 at 9:00am - 12pm
Tamar Estuary/Kanamaluka
Catch it in the Catchment