Conservation Landholders Tasmania

Who Are We?

Conservation Landholders Tasmania is a group of landholders with a commitment to protect, manage and enhance the natural values of their properties. Most but not all of us have conservation covenants on our properties. In Tasmania there are more than 860 voluntary conservation covenants with private landholders under the Nature Conservation Act 2002, covering over 108,380 hectares.

Conservation Landholders Tasmania organises three events a year, in different parts of Tasmania, covering issues of importance to conservation landholders, such as Weed Control, Fire Management, Pest Animals and Rehabilitation of Degraded Land.

Each field day includes exchanges of experiences amongst conservation landholders, presentations by experts and a visit to a covenanted property.

Conservation forums also include discussions and expert presentations.  Conservation Landholders Tasmania invites staff and volunteers from our partner organisations to forums as well as conservation landholders in order to provide opportunities for a useful exchange of ideas and information. Conservation forums are held in a central location.

Our calendar of future events includes two field days and one conservation forum each year. These events are only possible with the financial and practical support of our partner organisations.

Our partner organisations are:

- The Tasmanian Land Conservancy

- The three Tasmanian NRM organisations (Cradle Coast NRM, NRM North and NRM South)

- The Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (DPIPWE) – Natural and Cultural Heritage Division

- Landcare Tasmania


Our aim is to work together to conserve the natural values on our privately owned conservation properties in Tasmania.


- link people with common interests

- provide mutual support for our conservation activities

- promote knowledge and skill sharing

- learn from experts

- facilitate contact with relevant funding bodies

- promote the benefits of owning land for conservation


Regular Events:
Two field days and one forum each calendar year

Primary Contact:

This information is provided for people to contact member groups about their community Landcare activities. Anyone wishing to distribute information generally to groups should contact Landcare Tasmania with their request.

Name: Gail Dennett
Mobile phone: 0408 997 240
Email: [email protected]

Upcoming events