2019 Tasmanian Landcare Awards Dinner

The 2019 Tasmanian Landcare Awards Dinner was hosted by the Guardian’s cartoonist First Dog on the Moon (Andrew Marlton), with 9 awards presented to Landcarers who are now the Tasmanian finalists in the 2020 National Landcare Awards, and finishing with a fantastic raffle of generously donated prizes.

Woolworths Junior Landcare Team Award

Winner: Risdon Vale Primary School

Risdon Vale Primary School Students participate in weekly 'seed to plate' gardening and cooking experiences that are linked to the curriculum to promote health and well-being. During garden classes students have been learning about re-vegetation and the importance of developing a long-standing relationship with the land. They have researched best sustainable practices in land management to establish deep-seeded values. The children have an understanding of what trees attract wildlife, bees, butterflies, frogs, lizards and insects.

Runners up: Andrews Creek Primary School

Grade 3 Riverside Primary School

Australian Government Partnerships for Landcare Award

Winner: Tamar NRM

Tamar NRM Inc is a not-for-profit natural resource management organisation working within the Tamar valley. Since their inception in 1998, Tamar NRM has often worked in partnership with their three supporting councils, the community, landcare groups, landholders, businesses, agencies and not-for-profit organisations on a wide range of projects relating to sustainable agriculture, biodiversity conservation, sustainable living, feral cats and weeds.

Runner up: The Glamorgan Spring Bay Natural Resource Management (NRM) Committee

Australian Government Landcare Farming Award

Winner: Soil First Tasmania

Soil First Tasmania (SFT) is a volunteer organisation led by farmers, with a strong focus on soil-focused farming and regenerative agricultural practices.  SFT uses the powerful tool of peer-to-peer learning to increase the uptake of sustainable land management practices such as cover cropping.  By getting growers together where they can ask practical questions of each other and the guests that SFT bring, the path to practice change becomes achievable on-farm. 

Runner up: Stuart Burbury - midlands 

Australian Government Individual Landcarer Award

Winner: Paul Thomas - Friends of Randalls Bay Coastcare (FORB)

Paul has been either Co-ordinator or Secretary of the Friends of Randalls Bay (FORB) group since it's inception in 1997. He is tenacious and committed and works collegially with the local Huon Valley Council and the Parks and Wildlife Service. He is a great leader and motivator of others, especially the FORB group.  In all, Paul has submitted 19 successful grant applications totalling over $150,000 for the group, and assisted in raising a further $160,000 through fundraising activities and seeking donations. He has also made private purchase of two 5 acre blocks adjacent to the other reserves purely for conservation. His commitment is endless!

Runner up: Anna Povey - Friends of Trevallyn Reserve and Tamar NRM Inc

Indigenous Land Management Award

Winner: pakana services

pakana services is a non-profit social enterprise aimed at developing working skills of Aboriginal Tasmanians. pakana services approach land and sea management tasks with an holistic and indigenous knowledge base. They specialise in natural resource management, with a focus on jobs like brush-cutting, weed control, fencing, tree planting, track maintenance and construction. pakana services begun through the initial efforts of a core group of people committed to getting tangible outcomes for the Aboriginal community. Their success is due to the dedication of pakana services staff, and the hard work of their manager John Easton.

Runner up: TAC Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre

Austcover Young Landcare Leadership Award

Winner: Carmel Allen - Friends of Fernglade

In 2019 Carmel commenced her role as coordinator of Friends of Fernglade. Carmel has shown amazing leadership skills, especially for someone so young (23 years old). She works engaging local school children, local council and businesses, right across the board, up to liaising with federal politicians. Carmel also works as a vet nurse and wildlife carer. Carmel is professional, articulate, dedicated and extremely passionate.

Runners up: Sarah Facey - Penguin Rehab & Release

Reuben Parker-Greer - 24 Carrot Gardens

Australian Government Innovation in Agriculture Land Management Award

Winner: Michael Nichols - Redbank Farm

Michael Nichols owns and manages a family property at Sisters Creek, Redbank Farms, with a very diverse farming business.  He has embarked, over the last few years, on a pursuit of precision agricultural techniques to address crop variability and resource use efficiency. He is a careful and thorough operator, and is showing that planning and attention to detail and the use of a suite of innovative tools and technology can have great results for profitability and landcare outcomes. He has a meticulous mind and is keenly observant and cares deeply about his land.

Runner up: Rebel Food Tasmania

Virgin Coastcare Award

Winner: Circular Head Landcare Group

The Circular Head Landcare Group (CHLG) has been dedicated to the control of the invasive weed Ricegrass in the Duck Bay estuary. Over the 6 year life of this project, CHLG members have spent considerable volunteer time working with landowners and the local shellfish industry to develop a highly effective ricegrass control program that minimises impacts on important commercial fisheries and the local environment. 

Runner up: Friends of Randalls Bay Coastcare

Australian Community Media Landcare Community Group Award

Winner: King Island Natural Resource Management Group

Runner up: Friends of Bass Strait Islands, Wildcare Inc.






2019 State & Territory Landcare Awards Sponsors

This prestigious national awards program is made possible with the support of the Australian Government, state and territory governments, corporate sponsorship, and with in-kind support from the many volunteers who are working to help the state and territory award event coordinators.