A Weekend of Farmland Restoration

13th Aug 2021 |

Two days, two farmland properties, and over 1,000 trees! We held two planting days on the 7th and 8th of August as part of our Meander Valley Project- repairing the loss and reductions to biodiversity corridors and ecosystems services in the Meander Valley. 

Image: Project sites, and a rainbow! photos by Jakob Sprickerhof 

The Meander Valley Project

The Meander Valley landscape has experienced large-scale native vegetation loss and remaining remnants are heavily fragmented.  

This project aims to improve landscape and riverine health and resilience, as well as support the community to enhance their land management practices and holistically manage our natural and productive land and waterways.

We are also providing benefit for farms by planting windbreaks with native trees and shrubs, which will provide increased productivity on farm as well as positive environmental benefits. 

Image: Planting at Glenore, photos by Jakob Sprickerhof 

With the help of UTAS Landcare Society on both days, we were able to get such a large amount of plants in the ground to support our mission for biodiversity, habitat creation and improved creek banks and water quality. 

UTAS Landcare Society Treasurer Luke Cooper said "we are really passionate about reinstating natural ecosystems and reintroducing some biodiversity into our landscape." 

Image: Planting at Tas Ag Co, photo by Jakob Sprickerhof 

Everyone got stuck in to plant a variety of white gums, swamp gums, tea trees, blackwoods, silver wattles, banksias, tree violets, hakea's, and grasses and sedges. 

The students had a great time staying at Glenore Farm on a frosty night (-4 degrees C) (with pancakes for breakfast!) and have thanked Sam, Steph, Rosemary and Neville for welcoming us, and a special thanks to Rosemary and Neville for housing and cooking delicious meals to replenish their energy for revegetating!  

Tas Ag Co

Image: Tas Ag Co property, photo by Jakob Sprickerhof 

On Saturday, we worked on the property of Sam and Steph Trethewey from Tas Ag Co, helping them achieve their goals of re-wilding waterways and increasing biodiversity and attracting more birds, bees and insects to the farm, storing carbon and adding diversity to soil microbiology. 

Featured in The Examiner. 

Images: by Phillip Briggs for The Examiner 


The Meander Valley Project is supported by the State Government's Landcare Action Grants, Landcare Tasmania's Tasmanian Landcare Fund and the JM Roberts Trust. Habitat Plants  provided substantial technical and nursery support for this project and Waratah Wholesale with discounted support for revegetation supplies.