Bushfire Recovery

In January 2013, devastating bushfires hit several parts of Tasmania.
Landcare Tasmania was an Active Partner and member of the State government's Bushfire Social Recovery Reference Group, set up to help coordinate the efforts of organisations, businesses and individuals providing support to the recovery effort. 

In the weeks immediately following the fires, Landcare Tasmania developed and collated online resources to promote bushfire recovery programs, volunteering opportunities and post-fire Landcare information.
Businesses providing Landcare-related goods and services were approached, and several offered special support to people suffering on-ground loss. 
(photo of new life shooting out of burnt veg? - e.g. a Colin Winhall pic)


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Later in the year we received funding from a Community Landcare Grant (through the Australian Government’s Caring for Our Country initiative) for our "Extra Hands for the Fire Recovery" project.

Volunteers from all walks of life helped with weed removal, erosion control and planting activities in the Dunalley/Tasman area and Derwent Valley.  As much as possible we supported other community groups and gave their working bees a boost with some extra volunteers.

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On National Tree Day in July 2014, volunteers of all ages turned up to help re-vegetate burnt sections of the Dunalley Golf Course.

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Working in tandem with the Extra Hands project, Weed Aid focused specifically on post-fire weed management.  With representatives from NRM South, councils, community groups and DPIPWE, the project's aims included co-ordination of hands-on weed control work with volunteers.  Weed Aid was made possible through funding from the Tasmanian Landcare Fund and NRM South.

 "It makes a big difference to our weed control when we can get some extra hands." - Dunalley landowner.

(pic of volunteer weeding )


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Another aim of Weed Aid was to raise awareness of weed issues.
Our "Weeds 101" workshops introduced absolute beginners to the "what, why and how" of weed management.

"....heaps to learn"
"made me rethink.....how we cope with weeds"

(pic of some vols looking at weed specimens)


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Landcare Tasmania was also part of Plant Aid, a community-led project which saw volunteer growers provide hundreds of natives, ornamentals and edible plants to help people re-build their gardens, shelter belts and wildlife corridors.  

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At the bottom - logos of funding partners:

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TLF (Weed Aid)  NRM South (Weed Aid) , Aust Govt Caring for our Country (Extra H for Bushfire Recov(  DJ Nissan (both projects)
 (logos are on current website - refer Bushfire Recovery & sub-pages)


Images:  See on server, a-admin/images

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