Climate Tools

Photo credit: Brand Tasmania

My Climate View

My Climate View is a free digital product that offers local climate projections for 20 agricultural commodities to help Australian farmers prepare for future climate conditions.

My Climate View is unique among Australia's agricultural weather and climate tools. It presents past and future climate information all in one place, and it allows farmers anywhere across Australia to access local commodity specific climate information at a 5 km2 grid around or across their properties.

My Climate View is developed by the Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO as part of the Climate Services for Agriculture program and funded by the Australian Government's Future Drought Fund.

Feedback from farmers and the agricultural sector across Australia has been used to help develop the product, to understand how it can best support longer-term agribusiness risk mitigation and adaptation planning.

My Climate View can be accessed at


BOM 3-Month Outlook

BOM 3 month outlook provides a summary of predicted climate factors for the next three months. 


Climate Analogues Explorer

Climate Analogues Explorer tool matches the proposed future climate of a location of interest with the current climate experienced in another location using annual average rainfall and maximum temperature.  You can configure the data based on temperature and rainfall in different time periods and emission scenarios. For example, it shows you that Launceston's climate could be like that of south coast WA! 

Farming Forecaster

Farming Forecaster is a decision support tool that helps producers assess current seasonal conditions and the likely range in pasture availability and livestock performance during the next 3-4 months. Developed with graziers, Farming Forecaster helps you find soil moisture, local weather, pasture production and livestock performance information.

Photo credit: Brand Tasmania