Clare Hawkins


Bird of Prey monitoring skills

Clare Hawkins, Bookend Trust and Nature Trackers

How to do 'Where Where Wedgie': help to track our raptor numbers

Every May, hundreds of signed-up 'NatureTrackers' head out to their chosen survey squares all across Tasmania, to help get an annual indication of the size of our raptor populations. Several species are known to be threatened – due to numerous issues, ranging from habitat loss to collisions to rat poison – and many individuals and organisations are making big efforts to address this. 

So are numbers recovering, or still declining? What about the species currently thought to be secure? Sign up to the workshop to discover how you can help. Once you know what's involved, 'Where? Where? Wedgie!' raptor-surveying each year can become a bit of an addiction...

This is an opportunity to get to grips with the method, the datasheet (and/or the app) and to help hone your, or others', bird of prey monitoring skills. Let's put our eyes to the skies together and see what we can record...

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