Fire in the Tasmanian landscape


Fire, Flora and Fauna - from the Tasmanian Parks & Wildlife Service.
Quantifying the Impact of Fire on Tree Water Use - from the Bushfire CRC.
Fire and Biodiversity- a chapter from Practical Conservation Biology, looking at the impact of fire on biodiversity.
Fire and Biodiversity - from the book Conservation Biology for All (chapter 9)
How Fires Affect Biodiversity - from the Australian National Botanical Gardens.
Fire in Bushland Conservation - the role of fire in the landscape and how we can manage it for biodiversity conservation.   Although this uses Qld examples, a lot of the information is of general interest.
Post-fire Weeds Triage Manual - from the Victorian Dept of Sustainability & Environment. Provides information on weed responses to fire, and aims to assist with prioritising weed management after fire.  Includes many species found in Tasmania.
Restoring our Landscape - a basic revegetation guide for fire-affected areas of Tasmania.

Some reports from the Victorian Natural Values 2009 Fire Recovery Program:

Community finding fauna – naturalist groups contributing to research on the response of fauna to fire.
How snow-gum forests and sub-alpine peatlands recover after fire.
Response of Orchids to Bushfire.

Web links

Fire Ecology (Tasmanian Parks & Wildlife Service)
The Conversation - some interesting reading in a huge selection of bushfire-related articles