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Round 20

Weed Management
Amount granted: $28,880

Recipients: 7
Weed removal and riparian rehabilitation at Sedgy Creek, Franklin, King Island,...

Round 19

Educational Projects
Amount granted: $80,477

Recipients: 14
school farms, natural springs
rehabilitation, thistle control,
Mt. Roland and Cradle Mountain

Round 18

Water, Soil, Plants, Animals
Amount Granted: $50,473
Recipients: 10
improving water quality, re-
vegetation, river recovery,
island follow up control

Round 17

Water, Soil, Plants, Animals
Amount granted $50,675
Recipients: 9
Fencing, removal of gorse,
willow, blackberry, improved
marsupial habitat.

Round 16

2013 Bushfire Recovery
Amount granted $17,441 
Recipients: 1
Start up funding for 
Weed Aid, in response 
to bushfires.