Grant Opportunities

Throughout the year a variety of organisations provide grants for carrying out Landcare work. Below we have compiled a list of grants that may suit your needs. Most of the grants are not delivered through Landcare Tasmania so you will need to get in contact with the organisation hosting the grant round. We are proud to offer our annual Tasmanian Landcare Fund for on ground works and the Landcare Assistance Program to support group operational capacity.

Please CONTACT US if you know of grant opportunities we have not listed.

Landcare Tasmania Grant Opportunities 

Tasmanian Landcare Fund Round 21 Extended for 63 Area Code Until 5th Feb, 2018

Round 21 of the Tasmanian Landcare Fund has been extended for the 63 Area Code. Applications with a focus on mainting and improving soil structure and health and addressing soil erosion in agricultural landscapes will be accepted in the Round. The Round marks a significant milestone in the history of the TLF, passing $0.5M in funds distributed directly to address on ground Landcare needs - a significant legacy of the foresight and commitment of the late John Roberts. CLICK HERE for further information.