John Dennett


Should your group become incorporated or a trust?

Some legal and structural issues for Landcare Groups. Does your Landcare Group need to adopt a legal structure? If so, what options are available?

Come to this insightful workshop by John Dennett, retired Solicitor with 40 years experience.

A two part talk on your legal rights as a Landcare Group:
Protecting you and your volunteers in the legal world
The need for a group to adopt some form of legal entity depending on their circumstances, the length of the programme and the extent and nature of Landcare’s funding/assistance etc, and
Using legal examples of what best suits your group in its form and responsibilities - 
It depends on size and the type of activities you do.A brief overview of the possible entities that could be used to best suit a particular group so they can understand the issues before instructing their legal adviser. It is a large and complex area and I can only really scratch the surface and give some relevant pointers that can help guide groups to a better understanding of incorporation, trustees, legal risk, most exposed activities and other aspects of volunteer organisations in the legal world.