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Once you sign in to the web page this link takes you to your members toolbox page. Here you can update your group info, apply for grants, order discounted guards & stakes, post an upcoming event to our website and check important annual Landcare Tas dates.

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Important Annual Dates Date
Submit a Project Proposal Open All Year
Membership Renewal, Insurance & LAP Grant applications OPEN Dec-January
Deadline for Insurance policy renewal (on Membership Renewal Form) 01 Mar
Deadline for renewing members to apply for the LAP  (on Membership Renewal Form) 01 Mar
Announcement of the LAP Grant $$$ amount April
Deadline for renewing members to send us an invoice to receive the LAP grant May
Deadline for NEW Member Groups to join and be eligible for the annual LAP Grant 30 Sept
Annual Membership Expiry  31 Jan

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There are three types of paid memberships; Group (includes Community groups, Property-based groups, and School groups), Individuals, and Associate membership. 

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Find a Group Near You 

There are over 300 Member Groups across the state with 4,500 volunteers contributing over 100,000 hours every year. We have many local councils who are dedicated to helping their local Landcare groups thrive, both officially and unofficially. 

If you run a group, or want to start a group in these areas you could get a lot of support from your local council to succeed in your group's goals.

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Conducting your Landcare activities safely is top priority.

About Safety


Member Groups of Landcare Tasmania can be included in the Landcare Bulk Insurance policy, which can cover a range of volunteer activities you and your group may be doing. Check out the details here. 

About Insurance


How you set up, run and communicate in your group is important for both Landcare Tasmania and you and your group. Check out this handy guide with examples of how to set your group up for success. 

Learn about Governance


What are the benefits of having your group incorporated? Should your group look at becoming incorporated? This is a handy check list of the pluses and minuses of having an incorporated group. 

Learn about Incorporation

Volunteer Recruitment and Group Management

The world is continuously changing and Landcare must change with it to stay relevant and keep achieving our goals.  Learn about how to maintain a sustainable group that is financial stable with healthy volunteer numbers. 

Learn about volunteer recruitment and group management

More Resources

Explore the video recordings, presentation decks and posters from the 2022 National Landcare Conference.

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