Landcare in the news

Landcare has been making its way into the papers and on to the radio... 

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Rodenticides awareness program backed by local MPs 

The Eastern Shore Sun has featured our Rodenticides Awareness Program. 

"The new community awareness program launched by Landcare Tasmania is seeking to reduce the impact modern poisons are having on predatory birds such as the endangered Masked Owl" 

Landcare Tasmania has been supported by Member for Clark Andrew Wilkie and Member for Franklin Julie Collins who have helped us secure grants to support the awareness program.  Landcare Tasmania CEO Rod Knight has said "so many households, businesses and organisations were using these new rodenticides that a large-scale community response was needed." 

"Programs such as this are important in raising community awareness that some poisons have on our environment and the practical measures we can take to reduce this impact" said Ms Collins.  

Mr Wilkie says that "Tasmania's predatory birds are magnificent animals and it's a tragedy that so many are perishing, often due to people's naivety of the dangers of rodent poisons."

This program will raise awareness of the positive choices that communities and businesses can make to reduce the impact of rodenticide poisons on raptors.  If you want to learn more head over to our projects page for a comprehensive guide on rodenticides and their impacts on our wildlife. 

Peter Stronach talks feral cat traps 


Landcare Tasmania's Community Landcare Manager, Peter Stronach, was interviewed by journalist Sarah Abbott on ABC radio about home-made feral cat traps.  Pete talks about some new cat traps that have been designed by some of our member groups.  "What we were after was not just a normal cat trap, but one that was a bit more wildlife friendly"  he said.  You can listen to the full interview here and check out more resources about feral cats and how to make a safe and effective trap on our website


Extension for Landcare grants 

On the 15th April the Eastern Shore Sun published an article about the extension of the Landcare Action Grants due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The extension allowed more people to apply for grants to support land management projects. 

"The Landcare Action Grants Program aims to improve landscape and riverine health, stability and resilience and to improve land management practices to reduce erosion and sedimentation." 

"The $1.8 million program has been created in partnership with the TFGA and Landcare Tasmania for landholders, community groups and individuals to deliver practical, on-ground works for sustainable agriculture and river care activities"  

Missed the deadline for a grant but have an important land management project that needs funding?  Check out our other funding opportunities and keep your eye out for the next round of grant applications. 


Group working bees starting up as restrictions ease 

Glebe Hill Landcare, Gordons Hill Landcare, and Acton Park Landcare Group took the opportunity to advertise their working bee events in the Eastern Shore Sun.  With restrictions easing, many working bee events can now operate.  Check out the events calander for working bees coming up.  Make sure to contact the organisers to ensure numbers are controlled and our restriction obligations are met!