Landcare Tasmania - Annual General Meeting

Landcare Tasmania's Annual General Meeting will be held on Friday 15 September 2017 in Hobart.

There's the usual business that an AGM has to deal with, to ensure we continue to operate legally, plus some major changes to be considered as part of our move to a new governance structure.  However this will not diminish the opportunities, and the need, for passionate people in the community to be formally involved in the organisation.

What's different this year?

Over the last year, the Landcare Tasmania's Committee and Executive have been reviewing the governance arrangements of the organisation.  Our current structure consists of a General Committee of up to 13 members elected at the AGM, who in turn elect an Executive Committee of 4.  Our advice indicates that:

  • The lack of a requirement for the Executive to have an appropriate range of skills introduces risks of being able to comply with the increasing scrutiny, regulation and expectations of not for profit organisations.
  • There is personal risk to General Committee members under the current structure.
  • The existing arrangements foster confusion about the roles of the different Committees in Landcare Tasmania.

To address this the AGM will consider changes that will introduce:

  • A skills-based Board responsible for proper management of the affairs of the Landcare Tasmania; and
  • A Members Council to provide advice to the Board, act as contact points and representatives of the broader membership, and to help implement our initiatives and activities.

There's MORE opportunity to be involved

Members Council

Under the new arrangements the Members Council will replace the General Committee.  Members of Landcare Tasmania can submit nominations to be elected to the Members Council at the AGM, in much the same way as in the past for election to the General Committee. Its a great opportunity to get involved with a diverse bunch of community Landcarers, to help foster and grow community Landcare in Tasmania.

The AGM will elect a minimum of 8 people to the Members Council, either as the representatives of Landcare member groups or as individual members of Landcare Tasmania, but there is scope to elect more than this so nominations are encouraged.

Click to access the Members Council Information Pack.

You can find a nomination forms below, which can be printed, signed and return by email or post (see form for instructions).  This should preferably be returned by Friday 1 September, so that we can check and seek any additional information if required, or by Friday 8 September at the latest.  Nominations received after 4pm on 8 September cannot be considered.

Nomination form - Word format

Nomination form - PDF format

Landcare Tasmania Board

Our new skills-based Board will comprise up to 7 members. Knowledge and experience of community Landcare is a key area that we want to see on the Board, but we are also seeking professional skills in the areas of:

  • Finances, governance and risk management
  • Fundraising, marketing and promotions
  • Work health and safety

To be considered for the Board you'll need to complete a skills assessment. The range of skills across all potential Board members will be looked at to maximise the range and quality of skills for the Board, which will be put to the AGM as a nomination.

Note: Expressions of Interest for the Board are now closed.