LAP Grants

LAP – easy $ for landcare groups

The Tasmanian Government has generously provided the LAP (Landcare Assistance Package) funds to assist our members to pay their core costs. The grant amount varies from year to year depending on number of groups that apply and insurance costs.

LAP applications open around Feb 1st each year. Members can apply on their membership renewal form. Log into the Members Toolbox with your group's primary email address to view and submit forms - click on the green "Click here to Renew Membership, apply for Insurance & LAP grant" button once logged in. New groups can apply for insurance when they apply for membership.

Here are some examples of what groups use their LAP grant funds for each year

  • Insurance
  • Incorporation fees
  • Audit fees
  • Project materials (stakes, tree guards, plants)
  • Phone use
  • Postage
  • Stationary
  • Safety gear (high vis vests, boots)


Looking for acquittals? 

  • The Acquittal is now part of the easy online form for membership renewals, found in the Members Toolbox. 


Do I need to be a member group of Landcare Tasmania to receive a LAP grant?
Yes in order to approve you for a LAP Grant you will need to be a paid up member of Landcare Tasmania. You can apply for membership here become a member and check off the box that indicates you would like to apply for this years LAP Grant.

Can I apply more than 1 time per year?
No, this gives more groups a chance to share in the LAP funds

Can I apply through the website?
Yes! Follow the link above.

Will I need to acquit LAP funds?
Yes, you will need to acquit each year before your application for another grant is approved - the acquittal is part of the online form. 

Do I need to provide an invoice to Landcare Tasmania?
In some cases groups need to send a tax invoice to receive payment of their LAP Grant. You will only need to do this if you are registered for GST (please remember to add GST to the grant amount)

I have not yet fully spent last year’s grant, can I reapply?
Yes, just please tell us in the "Other" category on the form that you are rolling-over the funds to this year