National Tree Day - Green Point Landcare Leading the Way

On the 1st August Landcare Tasmania got together with Brighton Council to celebrate National Tree Day and welcome Landcare Tasmania's 300th member group, Green Point Landcare with an exciting day of planting (and learning... and lunch!)

Image: The community were ready to get some plants in the ground on a beautiful day and stunning location. Supplied: Alison Johnson  

We got together to celebrate National Tree Day with a launch of Brighton Council's only Landcare group and Landcare Tasmania's 300th member group, Green Point Landcare.  This event was held on Mumirimina land at MONA's Botanical Institute, who provided an utterly delicious home-grown lunch.

The fun planting day highlighted the significance of the Bridgewater area for Landcare, as there are many ecologically significant sites which were pointed out in a guided walk and talk by Landcare Tasmania's a/CEO Peter Stronach.  The kids were very engaged. 
We planted mostly understory species in this native bush area to improve biodiversity and increase habitat quality.  Community Landcarers in Brighton City have already made an incredible start to pave (or plant?) the way to a strong network of Landcarers in the area - and a thriving environment for all life to enjoy! 
It was a fantastic day with huge community support - everyone had a blast! 

Images: MONA supplied the lunch - delicious! Supplied: Alison Johnson 


Image: this is NOT lunch - but pretty cool.  Supplied: Alison Johnson 


Image: Landcare Tasmania's a/CEO Peter Stronach gave a walk and talk about the ecological significance of the area. Supplied: Alison Johnson 


In the News 

National Tree Day at 3:20 
You can watch Channel 7's report on National Tree Day here, featuring some uh, sobering messages from our young tree planters. 
"If the earth gets destroyed... we get destroyed" and another young Landcarer says "Let your living things grow." 
"The green space we are creating today and improving on is really good for the community having those open spaces with a little bit more tranquillity" says Peter Stronach. 

A huge thanks to Brighton City Council, MONA's Botanical Institute, Green Point Landcare, and all of the enthusiastic community members!