Volunteer Appreciation - National Volunteer Week

18th May 2021

Happy National Volunteer Week!  This week (and please – every week!) we want to take a special moment to acknowledge the contribution that volunteers make for Landcare.

“If it wasn’t for volunteering, our society would grind to a halt” -Volunteering Tasmania 

Landcare as it is today could not exist without volunteers. 

This National Volunteer Week we want to recognise the contributions of volunteers – but we also want to go beyond this. We want to reimagine how we can better support volunteers.

“In the current changing environment, where Australians are time-poor and experiencing higher degrees of uncertainty and stress, we need to reimagine how we do things”-Volunteering Australia

That’s why we want to hear about your experience volunteering with community Landcare.  Help us better support volunteers by sharing your experience. Click the button to take the survey.


Our annual membership survey captured 5, 600 regular volunteers in Landcare groups.  In 2020 alone, volunteers from our membership contributed 111, 656 hours – that’s the equivalent of 64 people working full time all year! 

These volunteers are working in weed control, revegetation, clean ups, public education, surveys, habitat restoration and so much more.

Volunteers drive this movement forward with their passion and willingness to donate their valuable and often limited time to take care of Tasmania’s unique landscapes and communities.

There is also a wonderful benefit and satisfaction for those who volunteer. Volunteers are often doing something they are passionate about, are able to meet new and likeminded people, see new places, try new things and add to their skillset.

“Evidence shows that volunteering connects us to others in our local communities, to better mental wellbeing or to potential pathways to employment. When we help others… we also give back to ourselves” -Volunteering Australia

This National Volunteer Week we ask that all volunteers give yourself a sincere pat on the back for your tireless contributions, big, small and everywhere in between, in taking care of Tasmania’s extraordinary landscapes, and helping us reconnect to what is important.  


Image: Friends of Riverside and UTAS Volunteers