New Associate Member Southern Waste Solutions

This March, Landcare Tasmania signed on it's first Associate Member, Southern Waste Solutions. 

Southern Waste Solutions (SWS) has become Landcare Tasmania's first ever Associate Member.  The new membership category recognises that businesses have an important role in finding solutions to environmental challenges, land management and sustainability options to benefit the whole community.

SWS accepts and manages waste at both the Lutana Waste Transfer Station and Copping Landfill sites and have a passion for responsible and environmentally friendly recycling and waste disposal.

SWS CEO, Christine Bell, said the membership was further proof that the organisation’s ethos aligns with Landcare’s charter to care for the environment.
“We look forward to expanding on our own education program this year, to include and incorporate Landcare-based initiatives,” Ms Bell said.

Ms Bell said Southern Waste Solutions’ new soon-to-be-complete pilot wetland treatment system is yet another way the organisation is reducing its environmental impact.

The ecologically-sensitive system, which has strong support from Landcare, will utilise natural wetland vegetation processes to treat wastewater from the Copping B cell without the need for external energy or chemicals. The ponds will be planted with a range of propagated endemic native plant species, designed to extract contaminants from water that has passed through the landfill.

“Once proved to be effective, the pilot system will be expanded to a full-scale operation where, after rigorous testing, treated wastewater will be reintegrated back into the surrounding ecosystem,” she said.

We are looking forward to seeing the results of the wetland's trial operations.  This is a great initiative with the potential to showcase the effective utilisation of natural systems to improve water quality.

Pictured: Landcare CEO Rod Knight and Board Chair George Rance with newest board member Jonathan Lord presenting SWS CEO Christine Bell with the first Associate Landcare Tas membership at a Landcare site on the Rosny foreshore.

If you own a business and you are interested in becoming Landcare Tasmania's next Associate Member, please contact CEO Rod Knight on 03 6234 7117.