Island Seeds - Saltbush Cuttings with Ruth Mollison

This June Kat Traill from Landcare Tasmania met with Ruth Mollison of Island Seeds who shared her expertise on collecting saltbush cuttings!

Mixed cover crops trial for soil health

Theresa Chapman interviews two growers who share their results of on-farm mixed cover crop trials. 

SCAGI solstice planting

Winter solstice this year was the perfect day for motivated Landcarers to get planting. Seymour Community Action Group share their photos and story. 

The Dirty Hands - June 2020

Seed collecting with Ruth Mollison, new life jackets for members, photo comps, Landcare project updates and more!  Enjoy the June 2020 Dirty Hands!

Friends of Huon Island get fitted for Stormy Life Jackets

11 Jun 2020 - Julie Collins MP meets up with Landcare Tasmania CEO Rod Knight and member group Friends of Huon Island to celebrate two grants under the Federal Government's 2019-2020 Volunteer Grants Program.   

Tree planting extravaganza at Redbank farm

08 Jun 2020 - Physically distanced tree planting. "The best season in 20 years to plant trees in Tasmania". Check out the video!  With Peter Stronach from Landcare Tas with support from Fifteen Trees and a Landcare Action Grant at Landcare Tas...

Seed collecting with Ruth Mollison, Island Seeds

17 Jun 2020 - Ruth Mollison is a passionate Landcare volunteer who is sharing her professional skills in seed collecting, storage, and propagation with the community Landcare movement.

The Dirty Hands - May 2020

Rodenticides webcast, seed collecting, national volunteer week and more! Sink into the May issue of The Dirty Hands. 

Landcare Tasmania's Webcast On Rodenticides

We were thrilled with the turn out on Wednesday 20 May for Landcare Tasmania's first live online talk and forum on rodent poisons and their impacts on birds of prey.  Watch the whole session here!

The Reading Room *UPDATED*

Find all your resources and reading materials in our updated reading room.  25/05/2020