Workshop: Making sure your plants thrive

30th June 2022 | On Monday 27th June, Landcare Tasmania members enjoyed a free workshop learning how to grow native plants successfully.

River Health Workshop number two a big hit!

28th June 2022 | What makes a healthy river? How do I catch a waterbug? And what does it mean? 

The Dirty Hands - June 2022

Citizen Science for Students| River Health Workshops | World Environment Day | Healing Country | + more 

Feral - What to do about cats in the wild

23rd June 2022 | Feral cats have caused some of the most significant harm to our natural ecosystems and ag landscapes in Tasmania.  Predation and diseases like 'toxo' and 'sarco' cause major damage to wildlife and farms... but what can...

2022 Member Snapshot

24 May 2022 - Every year we take a snapshot of our membership. Our members form a vast network of people across the state who are making a real positive difference in their local environments. So, who are they and what...

We need your help to grow. Can you support us?

23rd June 2022 | With a growing membership - and growing environmental challenges - our services need to grow too.  If you are able to donate, now is the time!

River Health Workshop: Waterbugs, Nest Boxes, and More

23rd June 2022 | On Saturday the 18th June Landcarers gathered on a fresh but sunny day in Garden Island Creek to learn how to monitor and care for local waterways. 

Project Launch: Citizen Science in Schools Program

21st June 2022 | On Friday 10th June, Landcare Tasmania launched our Statewide Citizen Science in Schools Program with a day of workshops for over 100 students at Queechy High School.

Working Bee in Bridgewater

21st June 2022 A successful day of cleaning up our environment and enjoying the beautiful weather!

Member spotlight: Students healing country

15th June 2022 |  Rosny mob are a group of Aboriginal and Torres Stait Islander students of Rosny college who are connecting strongly with their environment and culture.  They are young people determined to continue to care for, and ultimately...