Strategic Plan

**Our 2022-2027 Strategic Plan is currently being finalised, and will be published here soon**

Landcare Tasmania's constitution provides for the elected General Committee to approve the strategic direction of the organisation, which is set out in a Strategic Plan.

The Strategic Plan is designed to be a well referenced, working document that directs the decisions of Committees, guides staff work, and plans and provides identified targets against which to measure performance and progress.

The current Strategic Plan was adopted in 2016, and will guide the work of Landcare Tasmania through to 2021.

The key strategies in our Plan are to:

  • Efficiently and effectively fulfil the core functions of Landcare Tasmania
  • Deliver the vital services that maintain and support our members
  • Build momentum, strength and growth for the community Landcare movement in Tasmania
  • Drive innovation and change in community involvement and support of caring for the land
  • Create a healthy and vibrant organisational culture

Our new Strategic Plan is designed to be a 'living' document.  It contains around 25 objectives and 85 actions, each of which is reviewed annually.

You can access the public summary of the Strategic Plan below.

2016-2021 Strategic Plan