Tools for Surveys, Monitoring and Mapping

The Tasmanian Vegetation Monitoring and Mapping Program provides a Digital Vegetation Map of Tasmania. You can access the TASVEG data through LISTmap as well as the Natural Values Atlas. This data is also available as a downloadable file for use within GIS.  

The Natural Values Atlas is an accessible database which offers comprehensive natural values information on Tasmanian flora, fauna, threatened species, weeds, geodiversity and soil survey data.  It allows you to access data for the management of natural values, and includes a Conservation Information System which is designed to assist with conservation planning at a landscape scale. 

Image: Friends of Collinsvale Wildlife Cam 

Landcare Tasmania has provided Wildlife Monitoring Camera Tips, which is a handy guide on buying and using motion-sensor cameras for wildlife monitoring. 

The iNaturalist App is a free app for recording observations of flora, fauna and fungi - these observations are collected and added to the Atlas of Living Australia which provides open access to biodiversity data in Australia. 

The Landscape Association have a comprehensive guide comparing different Plant ID apps on the market. 

Australian Geographic have a guide comparing apps for identifying Australian wildlife. 


Image: Birds in Backyards, by Birdlife Australia 

Birdlife Australia host Birds in Backyards which is a research, education and conservation program.  You can take part in surveys, and learn about how to create bird-friendly spaces in your backyard.  They've also got a handy Bird Finder which allows you to search and browse information about Australian bird species.   

EchidnaCSI is an Echidna Conservation Science Initiative by the University of Adelaide which utilises their citizen science app to gain valuable conservation data for Echidnas in Australia.  Data collected goes to the Atlas of Living Australia.  

The Centre for Invasive Species Solutions have provided Feral Scan, a community pest animal recording and management tool.  The tool allows users to record pest animal activity in their local area with the aim of protecting biodiversity, farms and communities. 

FungiMap is a great resource of information on how to identify fungi, how to record fungi data, and a library of interesting fungi research and photo galleries. They also offer comprehensive fungi conservation information.