Tamar NRM - school tree planting fortnight

Tamar NRM is partnering with Launceston, West Tamar and George Town councils to revegetate some of their reserves to restore native habitat and improve amenity for the community.

In past years this has been a school tree planting day but this year they've gone a bit crazy and extended it to a whole fortnight. So there's no excuse to not be involved.

Schools wanting to take part should contact Tamar NRM, who can tailor a planting day to suit your needs. Planting days also include education on issues like:

  • Habitat for native plants and animals
  • The value of plants
  • Life cycles, interconnectedness, interactions and food webs
  • Native vs introduced - why does it matter?
  • Human impacts on the environment
  • How to plant a tree with the best chance of survival

Contact the organisers to discuss your school's needs.

July 24, 2017 at 1:00pm - August 06, 2017
Youngtown, Waverley Park & Exeter
Gill Bassnet

(03) 6323 3310 or mobile 0438 265792