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From The Examiner, 03 Nov 2019 https://www.examiner.com.au/story/6469918/work-of-the-little-people-make-big-difference/

Landcare Tasmania held its annual awards night in Hobart on the weekend

Caitlin Jarvis
Michael Nichols, Redbank Farm 
IMPACT: Michael Nichols, of Redbank Farm, accepts the Innovation in Agriculture award at the Landcare Tasmania awards. Picture: supplied

Younger generations often get a bad wrap - Millennials are blamed for nearly everything these days and when you sit and take a look at it, it's often contradicting.

On one hand, some people knock the younger generation for their malaise, that they are too lazy to work hard, they want everything handed to them and they would prefer to eat smashed avo on toast than buckle down to save for a house deposit.

Then on the other hand, when young people do take a stand against what they feel to be injustice or lack of action, such as the recent rallies for climate change, youth are targeted as being disingenuous.

That because they live with technology such as smartphones and cars that, for some reason, cancels out their compassion for the environment and means they can't at all care about climate change.

Protests might be big, loud and public events, but it is complemented by the work done on the down-low, the things that young people are being involved in every day.

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of being a guest at the Landcare Tasmania awards dinner, where individuals, young and old, as well as groups and businesses, were awarded for their persistent efforts.

Landcare Tasmania has been in operation for 25 years and their work is done by volunteers in the community.

At the Landcare awards dinner, there were many young volunteers present, award nominees and otherwise, who spend their time making a difference in their communities.

A key theme that emerged from all the winners' acceptance speakers, was they don't do this work for themselves but to literally better the environment they live in.

Many hands make light work and Landcare volunteers have been responsible for clearing land of invasive weeds, planting trees and cleaning up litter.

This work is not loud, it is messy and quiet but it makes a difference.

It was an inspiring awards dinner to be at and all the nominees, winners and wider volunteers should be congratulated.


Caitlin Jarvis a senior journalist and acting deputy editor at The Examiner.