Tramway Hill Landcare Group Working Bee Report



Volunteers present for working bee: Roz Thurn, Marie Giblin, Peter Hughes, Angela Brinkhoff, Morris Worsley, Tony Conlan

Total man-hours worked - this working bee: 14 Total man-hours between working bees: 6  

Work carried out between working bees:

  • Weeding of Scotch thistle and hemlock on Nierinna Creek Reserve.
  • Restaking and securing trees at the beginning of Nierinna Creek Walking track.  
  • Weeding of scotch thistle, blackberry and forget-me-nots from the heritage walls on Davis Flat
  • Weeding and cleaning up the planted area on the corner of Nierinna and Sandfly Roads

The weather during the working bee was fine and sunny.

Margate rivulet was flowing and the soil damp/wet which made weeding easier.

Work carried out during this working bee at Davis Flat:

  • Removal of forget-me-nots and thistles
  • Planting of 63 grasses and sedges along the base of the heritage stone walls. This includes weed mats, stakes and guards.

Many of the plantings of grasses and sedges from National Tree Day are being grazed, presumably by wildlife. Guards were placed around many of them, using what materials we had.

Work to be carried out:

  • Further weeding of Davis Flat heritage stone-walls and above the walls.
  • Obtain more guards from council and ensure every plant at the base of the heritage stone -walls is protected from grazing.
  • Organize mulch for around plants, if it is possible to get it on site without too much difficulty once the ground has dried out.
  • Organize construction of the fence and gate beside the plantings at the base of the stone-walls.


Next working bee is scheduled for Sunday October 30th at Davis Flat.

Roz Thurn

Tramway Hill Landcare Group

Ph 0414710744