Tree planting extravaganza at Redbank farm

08 Jun 2020 - Physically distanced tree planting. "The best season in 20 years to plant trees in Tasmania". Check out the video! 

With Peter Stronach from Landcare Tas with support from Fifteen Trees and a Landcare Action Grant at Landcare Tas member group Redbank Farm

Pete Stronach from Landcare Tas went to the ultra scenic Redbank Farm last week for a tree planting extravaganza! Using 1,200 trees provided by Fifteen Trees and the State Governments Landcare Action Grants. He helped Andrew, Joanne and Michael Nichols as well as staff and some volunteers from UTAS Landcare Society to transform a section of the farm.

If you haven't heard of Redbank Farm, it is a 380 hectare property, in north-west Tasmania operated for over 20 years by the Nichols family. Redbank farm balances profitability and sustainability with almost a third of the farm dedicated to natural bush, wetlands and revegetation areas.

The 100 hectares of native bushland contains some of the most pristine remnant forest in the region, including white gum forests, blackwood stands and valuable old habitat trees. The farm also hosts a family of wedge-tailed eagles, and the threatened freshwater lobster and burrowing crayfish live in local creeks.

The Nichols family use a range of inovative and best practice initiatives to run their farm sustainably. The farms natural assets combine with diversified rotational production, from poultry to cropping, beef cattle and farm forestry.

Adopting a nature conservation management plan in 1998 to address some of the regional Landcare issues such as localised over-clearing, erosion and water pollution. They have also launched several initiatives to improve crop yield, including manure application from intensive livestock areas, cover crops on bare ground, best-practice cropping rotation, mulched rip lines and a farm policy of only tilling flat ground.

The steeper areas have been converted to commercial tree plantations or revegetated with native species to create wildlife corridors between bushland remnants. Nearly all creeks and waterways have been fenced and revegetated with local species. Shelterbelts provide cover for stock and crops.

Check out the video below for a pan around the property! 

The Nichols family have educated those around them that Landcare values do not conflict with production values by showing very clearly that the two can operate in harmony with great success.   

The Nichols are exemplars in the farming industry to those who wish to implement innovative farming strategies, maintain native habitat, take care of local species, and ensure profitability in an ecologically conscientious way! 

You can read more about this interesting farm on their member profile.

The Redbank Farm revegetation project is funded by the Tas Government's Landcare Action Grants with support from Waratah Landscape Supplies and Fifteen Trees.


All photos provided by Landcare Tas team member Peter Stonach of the Tree planting at Redbank Farm this June.


September Project Update: 

Enjoy this little clip from Michael Nichols on the great new fencing part-funded by this project.