*NEW* Updated Incorporation Guide for Landcare Groups

Landcare Tasmania have released an updated guide on the benefits, risks, costs and requirements of incorporation for Landcare Groups.   

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It is rare that Landcare group activities result in medical emergencies or legal action.  However, there is the ever present risk that one day something could happen and your group could be faced with legal action or liability for damage or personal injury.

Incorporation is a system of registration with the State Government that gives  community groups, such as those involved in Landcare, certain legal protection and advantages in return for accepting some basic legal responsibilities that come with registration.

A group which is incorporated will be able to enter into contracts, easily apply for grants, accept gifts and donations and open a group bank account. 

Incorporation will limit the liability of a group's members in any legal action.  An unincorporated group or organisation has no separate legal identity from that of its members.  If any actions are brought against the group, the courts need to place responsibility somewhere, and this responsibility is likely to be allocated to the main people organising activities. 

If your group is not yet incorporated, have a good look through the updated guide. Currently, assisting your group with the incorporation process is not a standard service that Landcare Tasmania offers, but we may be able to provide help if it fits within our current capacity.  You may contact us here.