Landcare Tasmania operates through a constitution operating under the Associations Incorporations Act 1964 (Tasmania), and is one of the key components of the organisation's legal compliance.

The constitution sets out clear rules in a number of areas including:

  • The objectives and purposes of Landcare Tasmania.
  • Eligibility for membership and the processing of membership applications.
  • Establishment of the Tasmanian Landcare Fund, which provides for tax deductible gifts and donations to be made to support Landcare Tasmania's purpose.
  • Election and operation of the organisation's General Committee and Executive Committee.
  • Financial management and auditing.

A thorough review of the Constitution was undertaken during 2012 – 2013, and a number of changes were made to ensure robust governance and a structure that best represents members’ interests.

The Constitution was amended at the 2016 Annual General Meeting to clarify the process and qualifications for appointment as Treasurer and also to provide clarification on any employment of office bearers.

Landcare Tasmania Constitution (current)


Through 2016 and 2017 the Constitution was further reviewed. This was in response to professional advice on corporate governance that identified risk to members of the General Committee under the current structure. To address this risk a comprehensive review of the Constitution was undertaken, including consideration of a range of structural arrangements to address risk and provide clearer separation of roles.

The governance structure that has been selected is on comprising:

  • a skills-based Board, responsible for the proper management of the organisation; and
  • a Members Council that provides advice to the Board, is active in implementing Landcare Tasmania activities and programs, and is the representative forum for discussion of issues relevant to community Landcare in Tasmania.

This model is used by the peak Landcare bodies in a number of the States, and is also that adopted by our national representative body the National Landcare Network.

The new Constitution to reflect these changes will be presented to the 2017 AGM for adoption.

Landcare Tasmania 2017 Constitution (for consideration at AGM)