Coal River Tier Natural Heritage

We are a recently formed landcare group exploring collaborative land management opportunities fo the Coal River Tier, located just outside of the historic town of Richmond.  The 1200 acre tier harbor's a significant remnant community of Dry Eucalypt woodland Eucalyptus globulus with associated Kangaroo grass Themeda triandra grasslands. 600 acres of the Tier have some form of management/protection through the Tasmanian Land Conservancies Land for Wildlife Program, The Wildlife Land Trust Program of the Humane Society International, State Govt conservation covenants and the remainder is predominately zoned Énvironmental Living' providing some further protection. The Coal River Tier Natural Heritage Group is developing partnerships with the Understorey Network to promote the revegetation of areas of the tier and Pages Creek Catchment with shelterbelt habitat planting, wildlife corridors and riparian vegetation reinstatement along Pages Creek that flows into Richmond River and onto a RAMSAR listed wetlands of the Pitt Water Nature Reserve.  The Field Naturalists Club of Tasmania is cataloging the biodiversity of the Tier and logging observations onto a project in the iNaturalist app. Birdlife Tasmania are undertaking quarterly bird counts and we have engaged with students of the UTAS Biological Club to investigate biodiversity within Zoodoos Wildlife Refuge. We hope to take steps towards incorporating feral cat control and weed eradication to preserve the natural values of the tier, its hinterlands and the catchment that it feeds into. It is our mission that the Tier be recognized and managed for its natural values, ecosystem services and as a refuge for biodiversity surrounded by agriculture.  Engaging the community and surrounding land owners in these endeavors will be an important component in achieving this outcome.

Primary Contact:

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Name: Steve Hamilton
Mobile phone: 0433237695
Email: [email protected]