Round 20


TLF Round 20 - Weed management and rehabilitation of riparian zones

Round 20 of the TLF was on the theme of Weed Management and Rehabilitation Of Riparian Zones.

Seven projects with a total value of $28,880 were funded under the Round.  Read more for details.


Total TLF projects funded since 2003 - 110

Total value of TLF projects since 2003 - $448,921

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Round 19


Successful Round 19 Projects

  • Tasmanian Land Conservancy - Primary and follow up control of gorse in endangered woodland adjacent to Tom Gibson Nature Reserve, Epping Forest - $4295
  • Mt Roland Rivercare Catchment Inc (MRRCI) - Continuing protection of Mount Roland and Cradle Mountain from weed incursions - $7585
  • Friends of Bass Strait Islands, Wildcare Inc. - Entering the home strait to control infestations of African Boxthorn on Roydon Island - $7700
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Round 18


Successful Round 18 TLF General Round funded projects 

  • Friends of Bass Strait Islands – ‘Ongoing control of infestations of African Boxthorn on Roydon Island’. North - $7,000
  • Hillcrest Family Trust – ‘Willow control and protection of Cat and Kitten Creek’. North West - $6,290
  • ‘The Fourth Stage of river recovery on the Meander River on "Colynn”’. North - $6363.64


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Round 17


Round 17 of the TLF General Round funded projects

  • Circular Head Landcare Group - ‘Control of upstream infestations of ricegrass (Spartina anglica) in the Duck River’ North West - $6,800
  • ‘Restoration of the upper sections of Penguin Creek’ North West - $6488.87
  • Wynyard Landcare Group Inc. - ‘Weed removal, re-vegetation and biodiversity conservation on public lands in the Wynyard area’ North West - $4,700


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