Landcare Tasmania works to support the community Landcare movement through a range of formal and informal partnerships.

Although our members are our most important partners, there are a range of other groups and interest with which we also form partnerships to benefit Landcare.



At the national level we are a member of the National Landcare Network (NLN). The NLN is the representative body for Landcare groups across Australia and works to provide a voice for Landcare at the national level.

The NLN is made up of representatives from each State and Territory, who come together to share their successes and support one another in overcoming challenges. The NLN aims to tell the collective story and shared experiences of Landcarers across Australia, and advocate for the Landcare movement to enable it to continue its essential work building resilient and productive landscapes, and protecting our natural environment.

A key outcome of our involvement with the NLN is “Building a resilient Australia”, a visionary proposal that outlines the programs and investments needed for community Landcare to become a stronger, more sustainable, resilient and vibrant part of Australian society and environment. Key areas for investment include long term support to enable State Landcare bodies to continue to service community effort, increased investment in on ground Landcare, and initiatives around capacity, innovation, engagement and education.

Access Building a resilient Australia here.

Landcare Tasmania’s powerful model of community engagement and empowerment occupies a unique space in the environmental management spectrum. Landcare Tasmania has signed a Statement of Common Purpose (SOCP) with Tasmania’s three regional Natural Resource Management organisations. The SOCP recognises that the organisations share a common interest but play different roles in delivering it.

Landcare Tasmania is seeking partnerships with other organisations with a mutual interest for whom a partnership may be of mutual benefit.



Opportunity-Sign.jpgLandcare Tasmania actively seeks partnerships with the corporate sector that will support the community Landcare mission.

Corporate partnerships may take a variety of forms, including:

  • sponsorship of specific events and programs;
  • mutually beneficial commercial activities (e.g. through commissions);
  • advertising in the various forms Landcare Tasmania media;
  • consortiums or collaboration on larger projects;
  • subcontracted delivery of services (by or for Landcare Tasmania); and
  • larger corporation donations and support initiatives.

Corporate partnerships with Landcare Tasmania will be assessed on a case by case basis. Assessment of partnership proposals will include consideration of:

  • the commitment of the partner to the Landcare Tasmania mission;
  • the benefit to Landcare Tasmania and the community Landcare movement more generally;
  • benefits and risks to the integrity of the Landcare Tasmania brand;
  • the duration of the partnership;
  • the ability of the partner and Landcare Tasmania to deliver mutually agreed expectations.

Business with an interest in corporate partnerships with Landcare Tasmania are encouraged to speak with us directly.



100079_Tas_Gov_Support_rgb_hor.jpgThe Tasmanian Government also directly funds the Landcare Assistance Program, which enables Landcare Tasmania to provide group insurance to member groups and provide cash support to enable them to operate.The Tasmanian Government is an active partner with Landcare Tasmania in providing financial support for our work. The partnership provides an invaluable contribution enabling us to fulfil our core functions and deliver vital services to our members.


Landcare Tasmania also has the support of the Australian Government through financial assistance provided under the National Landcare Program. This support contributes to our base level of operations, directly supporting activities such as our members newsletters and consultation activities, providing linkages with Commonwealth programs, facilitating cooperation with NRM regional organisations, and enabling our participation in initiatives such as the National Landcare Network.

These partnerships with Government are critical in enabling Landcare Tasmania to operate and to support the invaluable work of our members and supporters.