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Landcare Tasmania has a team of passionate volunteers that make up our skills-based Board, Members Council and other subcommittees, along with a small professional team of staff located in Hobart and northwest Tasmania. 

Our Board is focused on organisational governance. Management to deliver the strategic direction and to provide the services members need (e.g. grants, insurance, information, training) are delegated to the CEO and delivered by our small but fantastic team of staff. The Members Council is a standing subcommittee of the Board, specified in the Constitution, that provides advice on strategic direction, represents the members, and is actively involved in many of our initiatives. The Board and Members Council both have subcommittees and working groups for various projects, and our day to day operations are also assisted by some terrific office volunteers. You'd be surprised how much of what you see on our news blog, and through our Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube feeds is produced by some amazing volunteers.

Our Board is elected at the Annual General Meeting on the basis of the governance skills needed to run a modern not-for-profit organsiation.

Our Members Council is a standing subcommittee, also elected at the AGM, to provide a representative forum for Landcare Tasmania members, to facilitate implementation of Landcare Tasmania projects and activities, and to provide advice to the Board on strategic direction.

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2023 Joint Board & MC Meeting Landcare Tasmania

Image: 2023 Joint Board & Members Council Meeting