Goodwood Gardeners

We are aiming to improve the green spaces around Goodwood. First on the agenda is planting trees along our verges, especially on the hill as there are none there. Focus on trees that suit the location in terms of height, blocking summer sun, allowing winter sun etc. Bonus points for productive trees. We also would like to do some weed control, especially in Giblins reserve. There also also a few very neglected green spaces eg. Crn Howard rd and Negara cres, next to the shops on crn Acton cres and Stradbroke rd. And we would love an edible native garden to be included somewhere. This is only the beginning, more ideas will come.

Primary Contact:

This information is provided for people to contact member groups about their community Landcare activities. Anyone wishing to distribute information generally to groups should contact Landcare Tasmania with their request.

Name: Zoe
Mobile phone: 0417131636
Email: [email protected]