Wrens Hill

Free camping in exchange for an hour or two of onsite various land management activities

We are a little family living on 100 acres near the beach on NW Flinders Island.

60% of our land is regrowth tea tree (predominantly L. Laevagatum) and eucalyptus (predominantly E. Nitida) with some beautiful big old specimens of these plus a magnificent stand of E. globulus and M. ericafolia. The rest is cleared (now thick tussocks) and wallaby/wombat mowed grasslands.  I have been reveging shelterbelts along our boundaries extending inwards and in the last year have planted over 450 local natives (from our local Landcare tree group). I have put a lot of care into each tree and have over 90% success rate!

We are creating a campground haven for our visitors and have decided to open it up as free camping in exchange for an hour or two of volunteer land management. 
Jobs include tree planting, brush cutting, invasive weed removal, compost toilet construction to name just a few. 

After a conversation with Anna Minchin who is my good friend, we collaborated this idea into a potential Landcare Project!

We at Wrens Hill are excited at the idea that environmentally minded people who look on the landcare Tassie map for potential groups to get involved in, might get excited at the idea they could visit flinders island, have a beautiful place to come and camp for free and get involved in positive land management and restoration projects. Win-win!

100 acres is a big amount of land to care for we have realised. Any help we can get is greatly appreciated. 
We want to share what we have and provide opportunities for people to feel like they are participating and doing good work in the places they visit. It’s a new kind of tourism we are exploring on Flinders Island. We as a community are trying to swap the word “tourist” (think extractive, entitled, exploration style people coming to the island) for “visitors” (ones who want to get involved and participate in community and environmental activities - thereby giving back as much as they take).

Regular Events:
Free camping anytime in exchange for an hour or two per day of varied land management work

Primary Contact:

This information is provided for people to contact member groups about their community Landcare activities. Anyone wishing to distribute information generally to groups should contact Landcare Tasmania with their request.

Name: Esther Nunn
Mobile phone: 0428894104
Email: [email protected]