kanamaluka Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

We are an ACNC certified not-for-profit charity and run solely on the small personal incomes from our founders along with donated funds. We do not receive any income or funding from our state government or from outside sources.

Our facility is run by government registered, trained and experienced wildlife professionals.

The services we offer include

  • Organised drop off and transfer for injured and orphaned wildlife

  • 24/7 joey drop off for public

  • Assessments and stabilisation of wildlife before transport to vets or other carers.  

  • Necessary ethical and humane euthanasia of suffering wildlife

Specialty emergency care, hydration and stabilisation of seabirds and waders.

Our center aims to give Tasmania’s injured and orphaned wildlife their second chance, eventually allowing them fulfil their potential as wild independent beings who will in turn contribute to the biodiversity and ecology of this beautiful land.

We are located in Legana, Tasmania, but not open to the general public. For the safety and privacy of our animals, we do not make our address public.

If you need to come to our address for any reason, please contact us first to make arrangements




Primary Contact:

This information is provided for people to contact member groups about their community Landcare activities. Anyone wishing to distribute information generally to groups should contact Landcare Tasmania with their request.

Name: Jessica O'Connor
Mobile phone: 0402769838
Email: [email protected]