Opossum Bay and South Arm Coastcare (OBSAC)

Opossum Bay and South Arm Coastcare is working to protect the coast on the South Arm Peninsula.  Our activities include:

Working bees - removal of weeds, and connecting with local residents about the environment

Education - helping people understand how to identify and remove weeds

Mapping - identifying and recording the location of weeds to help plan their removal

We are focusing on removing Boneseed for the entire Peninsula, from the South Arm Neck (Northern End) to Arm End inclusive. We are also working on removal of Boxthorn and Cape Leeuwin Wattle. Focus areas include Half Moon Bay, Blessington Coastal Reserve, and Shelley Beach. Other weeds targeted include Cape Ivy and Cotoneaster.

Regular Events:
Second Sunday of the month at 10am Shedule on Opossum Bay and South Arm Coastcare Facebook

Primary Contact:

Name: Robyn McNicol
Mobile phone: 0400 119519
Email: robynmcnicol@hotmail.com

Upcoming events