Seven Mile Beach nesting box construction

Many animals live in tree hollows, including many species of birds, and all of our micro bats. The more hollows that are in a landscape, the more potential homes there are for these animals.

The local Coastcare group at Seven Mile Beach is getting together to make nesting boxes for Eastern Rosellas and micro bats.


Both of these types of animals need hollows to nest in, with micro bats living in hollows even when they are not breeding. Nesting boxes mimic tree hollows and thereby increase the potential habitat in a landscape.

Eastern rosellas and bats are important parts of our environment. For example, Eastern Rosella's pollinate flowers and spread the seeds of plants, whilst micro bats control insect numbers by eating them. And of course, they are intrinsically important too! 

Once the nesting boxes are constructed they will be put up in the surrounding area to ensure that these wonderful animals have a place to live and to breed.


This Project Received Grant Funding From The Australian Government’s Communities Environment Program


May 30, 2021 at 12:00pm - 3pm
Seven Mile Beach
Seven Mile Beach, TAS 7170
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