Bushfire Mitigation Measures Bill Open for Public Comment

The Tasmanian State Government has put the Bushfire Mitigation Measures Bill out for public comment.

Photo credit: Base Camp Tasmania

*Submissions close on 23 October 2020. Queries can be sent to [email protected]

The Bushfire Mitigation Measures Bill aims to introduce a new framework around bushfire mitigation legislation - making changes to the duties, accountabilities and restrictions of landowners, occupiers, and fire services in taking proactive bushfire mitigation measures.  The aim of the Bill is to better manage and mitigate the risks of bushfire in Tasmania. 

What will the Bill do?

  1. Create an obligation for landowners and occupiers to take practical steps, at their own cost, to manage bushfire risks on their land. 
  2. Streamline submission approval process for landowner/occupier Bushfire Mitigation Plans
  3. Establish a Bushfire Mitigation Measures Panel which assesses the suitability of Bushfire Mitigation Measures and Bushfire Mitigation Plans 
  4. States implications for landowners/occupiers who do not meet their bushfire mitigation duties as outlined in the Bill 

You can complete the Submissions Template on the Department of Premier and Cabinet's website or write to the Project Team at [email protected] 

More information on the Bill, preparing a submission and the use of your submission can be found here

For some additional resources you can find information on Indigenous Fire Management here, Tas Fire Service Bushfire Planning information here, an interesting article about the complexities and limitations of hazard reduction burning here, and a discussion of what the Bill means for landowners here and here.