A successful weekend of seed workshops

Landcare Tasmania hosted TWO incredible native seed collection and propagation events on the weekend that were very well-received.  

Ruth Mollison, the seed propagating extraordinaire, was truly excellent and shared her seed-collecting and propagating secrets with us all. There was an amazing response from participants who got some really valuable hands-on experience that they can easily put to use back in their Landcare patch or backyard - and they had fun while doing so!

"I really enjoyed the event because it was hands on experience, rather than just reading about it" - Ross Mackenzie

Ruth put out mystery bags filled with seed pods - each one from a different plant species.

The participants had to remove the seeds from the seed pods, some with tweezers, others by shaking, others by picking them off and sieving them.


Some plant species: banksia, bull oak, a lily, white gum, sagg, hakea, and cheese wood.  Participants then they walked around and picked 5 different species that they wanted to plant the seed of, which they then did.  We also learnt how to take cuttings from salt bush. 

 Participants not only got to take home their propagated seeds from a variety of different plant species, but also a new set of seriously usable skills.

A huge thanks to everyone who attended, and of course to Ruth for your expertise!

Thanks to the support of Julie Collins MP who came to our Lauderdale workshop and is supporting our program through the Australian Government's Community Environment Program, and to the JM Roberts Charitable Trust for funding.

Want to learn more from Ruth about collecting and propagating native seeds? Check out our video series and blog with hot tips from Ruth!