Post to our Community Events Calendar

Member Groups: you can list your upcoming working bees, social events, and meetings on our Communtiy Events Calendar to show prospective volunteers that you're an active and welcoming group.

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How to add your Events to our Community Calendar

Ad-hoc events can be posted online one by one. Give us at least a week's notice. We'll need to approve it before it goes live on the website. 

Regular events can be cloned to save you the trouble of posting multiple events to our calendar (see below)

Download our step-by-step guide:

Member Guide: How to Post to the Community Events Calendar

How to get your regular events cloned:

Option 1: Log in and post one event yourself, then email us on [email protected] describing the frequency. Our office volunteers will clone it for you.

Option 2: Log in and update the description of your 'Regular Events' in your Account Settings 

  1. Log in and click the 'Account Settings' button, then scroll to the bottom of the Account Settings page
  2. Update the 'Regular Events' field with the information needed (see below)
  3. Email us to let us know you've made changes, and our office volunteers will use that to create event listings for you

Option 3: email us with the details on [email protected]

What we need:

  • Day and frequency (e.g. weekly/monthly),
  • Start & finish time
  • Address or Lat/Long of meeting point (or use "Contact the organiser" if location tends to vary)
  • Contact name
  • Contact email and/or phone
  • A short description of the activity to entice people along, and whether they need to register with you ahead of time
  • A photo if you have one