Bandicoot Bunkers with Rose Bay High

On Tuesday the 1st of June we got together with 25 students from Rose Bay High to plant some bandicoot habitat. 

Image: Threatened Tasmanian endemic, the Eastern-barred bandicoot (Perameles gunnii). Image from Threatened Species Link

Rose Bay High students helped get 75 shrubs, grasses, and trees in the ground in an hour and a half.  They were planted next to the adjoining Gordon's Hill Recreation Reserve and will extend valuable habitat area for bandicoots. 

Some of the species planted were lomandra, tussock grass, native peas, prickly moses, white gums, spiky violet bush, and westringia. 

These plants will grow to provide 'bunkers' - nice, cosy shelters for bandicoots! 

The planting aims to support local ecosystems and increase bandicoot numbers which will provide more prey for predators such as the endangered wedge-tailed eagle. 

The students did a fantastic job, getting their hands dirty on the first day of winter!

Images: The planting site before and after an hour and a half of hard work! 

We have more 'Bandicoot Bunker' plantings coming up with Howrah Primary and Taroona High School.  

We are excited to create more valuable habitat for bandicoots, supporting the balance of local ecosystems.

This event has been made possible by the Australian Government's Communities Environment program with support from Julie Collins MP.