A request to share your contact details:

Landcare Tasmania has received a request from the office of Gavin Pearce, federal MP for Braddon, to add Landcare groups in the north west to their contact lists for receiving information from the MP.

Being on MP mailing lists means you will find out about things happening in the electorate, obviously through the lens of the member's politics, but this may include opportunities for funding and other forms of support.  Being informed also means you are in a better position to engage with your elected representatives to push for better support for community Landcare - something we encourage all who are involved in Landcare to do.

Landcare Tasmania will not provide those details without consent from members.

To see the public contact details we have on record, log in to the Members Toolbox (https://www.landcaretas.org.au/members_toolbox) and click the Account Details button.

Give Consent:

Do you consent to your group's PUBLIC CONTACT details being provided to Braddon MP Gavin Pearce?