Bruny Island

Threatened species habitat, wildlife, swift parrots and coast rehabilitation. Bruny Island Game meats for lunch and talk. 

  • Registration at Blundstone Arena opens from 7.40am
  • Departing Blundstone Arena at 8.00am Sharp
  • Arrive at Kettering – for ferry at 8.50am     
  • Early lunch at Bruny Island Game Meats
  • Tour at Inala Nature reserve - where you will have two options: the Gondwana Garden and the Nature Museum and see the Raptor photography hide set up for raptor conservation, or a 45 min walk to see the Forty spotted Pardalote habitat and platform, discuss the Swift Parrot habitat and conservation.
  • Adventure Bay walk and talk with spectacular views, and some amazing coastal rehabilitation, if you have sharp eyes you might see some swift parrots and white wallabies.
    Walk and talk on Historical significance, Botanical significance, Cultural significance, Environmental works, Planting and vegetation rehabilitation, Weed control.
  • Ferry Back: 4.30pm or 5pm departure.

Please remember to bring:

  • A water bottle
  • Walking shoes
  • (optional) binoculars if you are interested in spotting some wildlife along the way

Drive time 4 hours.  4 hours for talks and lunch.  8.00am – 5.30pm  9.5 - 10 hours approximate.

Swift parrot photo by Chris Tzaros,