Celebrating with cake & working bees

27 June 2024 | It was the perfect recipe - harnessing the passion of our member Landcare groups with an outdoor celebration of sorts. After putting the call-out to groups, we were delighted to attend 15 working bees across the state this month, bringing cake and providing an opportunity to reflect on 30 years of Landcare in Tasmania.

From Rossarden, to the Tamar, Ulverstone, Dodges Ferry and the Huon Valley and beyond, we ate cake and celebrated with 183 Landcare enthusiasts.

"It was great to get out about and see the fantastic work happening all over the state being undertaken by our member groups," said outreach coordinator Jen Milne.

"As well, it was an opportunity for Landcare groups to see who is supporting them behind the scenes and a chance to share ways Landcare Tasmania can support them, from our lending library, to website resources, insurance and more."

"The cakes were much appreciated and it was really special to be able to celebrate this milestone over a cuppa and also see what the local groups were up to," said Jen.

"This was just a small 'slice' of all the work going on every week. The birthday events happened over two weeks, and took place in the middle of winter, and there were still over 180 volunteers getting out there making things happen in their patch, which is impressive."

Jen shares a few points of interest from the events.

“The Rossarden Landcare group working bee had a great turn-out, with around a quarter of the town’s population attending (though it is a small town!). They have been working on removing broom around the town, with many landowners chipping in and following their lead."

"The Tranmere Clarence Plains Landcare group held their event at one of the original planting sites at Rokeby Beach, along with having founding members attend. We could really see what a difference they had made over time."

"It was great to chat about what the groups have accomplished, some over 30+ years, with others (such as Algona Reserve) only just getting started."

Massive thank you goes out to all those who baked cakes and to all the Landcare groups across Tasmania for undertaking the hard work to help their local patches!