Citizen Science Projects

The Waterbug Company Monitoring water quality by surveying waterbugs
Saltmarsh monitoring Contributing to research on saltmarshes in Tasmania
Birds in Backyards From Birdlife Aus: research, education, conservation. Via the web or an app
Echidna Conservation Science Initiative (EchidnaCSI) Citizen Science echidna monitoring for conservation (sightings, scat collection)
Feral Scan Powered by Centre for Invasive Species Solutions: recording pest animal activity
Australian Biocontrol Hub Can log sightings of biocontrol occurance. Is put on to Atlas of Living Australia
FungiMap Mapping distribution of fungal species, use iNaturalist and it's put in to their internal database (if you log the observation under their project thingo)
Tassie Deer Spotters Help mapping occurrences of deer, managed by the Invasive Species Council using iNaturalist
Where? Where? Wedgie! Wedge Tailed Eagle citizen science surveys in Tasmania
Little Penguin Survey and Monitoring Toolkit Help understand population trends and the distribution of little penquins in Tasmania

Other Resources

Tas Veg Monitoring and Mapping Program TASVEG
Landcare Tas Wildlife Monitoring Camera Tips Buying and useage tips for cameras
Bird Finder From Birdlife Aus: Click through key for bird ID
Identify weeds From Weeds Australia: Online key for weed ID
Key to Tasmanian Dicots Tasmanian Plant ID online key
Centre for Invasive Species Solutions All sorts of resources about invasive species, same people as Weeds Australia (have weed ID app)
iNaturalist - video tutorials Learn how iNaturalist works