Clare Lawerance


Using citizen science and technology to understand and manage Tasmanian devil roadkill

As Tasmanian devil populations have declined as a result of devil facial tumour disease it has become increasingly important to understand and manage additional threats to their survival such as roadkill. In 2018, the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program (STDP) launched the Roadkill TAS app which allows the public to report roadkill sightings. Unlike other roadkill data collection tools employed by the STDP, the Roadkill TAS app allows users to report any species of roadkill, from any road in Tasmania, with the resulting data easily accessible by local councils, road managers and communities via the LIST.

In this presentation, I will introduce the Roadkill TAS app, and demonstrate how the information collected can be applied to roadkill management. I will use Virtual Fences as an example of mitigation technology that can be targeted towards areas of high roadkill.